RunTheKaroo Cancellation

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Upon careful deliberation and discussion we have made the heartbreaking decision to cancel Run The Karoo. Due to current Government Regulation we won’t be able to host an event with 250 participants which does not include staff. The organising team had to make a call as the event will take place within the next few weeks. The Covid Pandemic has brought forth many challenges and we implore you to bear with us to find a middle ground.

As this event takes more than a year to plan and organise, more than 80% of the total cost has already been paid out to suppliers, caterers, entertainers and salaries towards staff who also need to make a living. Such an event takes many hours of meticulous planning and man hours to handle the administrative and physical aspects of preparing for such an event. Venue upgrades, permanent markings and new bridge crossings were erected to add to the experience which took many hours in the Karoo sun.

That being said we have come up with options to assist in making the cancellation process less of a burden.

1.) Partial Refund: We can provide you with a 50% refund.

*Please note:
-A full refund won’t be possible as we have undergone more than 80% of the total the cost to host the event.
-Entries that are paid in full will be provided with 50% refund.
-If you have only partially paid your entry your full entry will be taken in account before issuing any funds towards the refund.

2.) Entry Transfer: You can transfer your entry to the 18-19 September 2021 event date with no additional transfer fees.
*Please note: Your entry fees won’t be refundable at a later stage during the year but you will be able to sell your entry.

3.) Substitution: You can also find a substitution for your entry and get a full refund from the individual purchasing your entry. Due date for Substitutions will be 01 August 2021.

4.) Self excursion Weekend: Together with Fairview farm owners we will be planning a self excursion weekend of the 6th and 7th of March 2021. We have added this option to support the local suppliers and staff to ensure even if small they still get some income to survive during these uncertain times.

Due to the routes being permanently marked one can still run along the routes at your own pace and enjoy the Karoo experience you were hoping for. This will be regarded as an accommodation booking from Fairview Farm with added excursions like running the routes. All covid and safety regulations will be meticulously followed. Your entry fee will go towards the fee for this booking. If you choose this option you will be emailed the relevant information on accommodation and extra cost should there be any. You can follow this link for more information.

The deadline to choose one of these options will be 31 January 2021 as we need to plan for the year ahead and make the necessary arrangements.

You can complete the form below to select your option. If you are registered as a team or a group the option selected will be adjusted for all the runners in the group. You can also send an email to

We do understand that the above options are not ideal but and at the end of the day we would like to keep all our runners safe and keep the eventing industry going in the future.